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Training And Technical Certification   Boost your organization and your own career

L7 has two comprehensive training programs

clients who use our products

Our programs help maximize your investment or expertise in L7 solutions so you can:

Promote enthusiastic adoption of the products by your users

Validate your mastery and proficiency in L7 technologies

Stand out from

your competition and

increase your sales

our global partners who resell L7 products

Deliver L7 services most efficiently


Administrator CoursesMANAGING L7 SOLUTIONS

Administrator courses are designed for those who will administer/manage the L7 solution on a day-to-day basis. Administrator courses focus on the following topics:

  • Product features, functions and capabilities

  • Deployed components and key internal modules

  • Component communication

  • Global system administration, configuration and reporting from the GUI

  • Policy creation

  • User management

  • Incident management, response, and visibility

  • Updating and disaster recovery


During this training course, you will learn

  • how to install, configure, administer, and support L7 solutions.

  • Through instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on lab practice exercises, you will learn the requirements and recommendations to successfully deploy L7 devices in a variety of network environments.

  • Develop expertise in creating security rules and policies,

  • Managing users and authentication,

  • Understanding multi-link technology

  • Configuring VPNs

  • Traffic deep inspection

  • Performing common administration tasks including status monitoring and reporting. 

Decryption HTTPS For Further AnalysisWEB SECURITY IN A NUTSHELL

During these sessions, you will learn

  • the features, components, and key integrations that enable the L7 Web Security functionalities.

  • The course covers policy creation

  • Incident management

  • Health assessment of the L7 Web Security system

  • You will develop skills in web policy creation, incident management, reporting, system architecture, and maintenance.

Analyze Internal Threats By L7 SolutionsSKILLS FOR NETWORK FORENSICS

The L7's Insider Threat Administrator training course provides in-depth instruction for teams starting out with an  L7 Insider Threat deployment and those who need to learn to operate the system independently.

This course includes:

  • Operator management

  • Agent creation and deployment

  • Basic policy construction, basic investigations, system administration, and reports

  • This course involves substantial hands-on interaction, enabling the analyst to discern malicious from benign user activity.

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