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Cloud Forensics Consulting   Your data is central to everything you do. Let us help you protect it.

Keeping your data secure but usable is critical to your organization's success. When you need to extend the expertise of your in-house resources, turn to L7 for clear, actionable guidance customized to your situation.

We offer consulting in every aspect of cyber security, from strategic program design to the most technical engineering challenges. Our purpose is always the same: To help your organization achieve its mission as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Security Planning and Evaluation


Our experts have helped hundreds of organizations of all types find the answers they need to optimize their security posture. Working with everyone from C-level executives to front-line engineers, we will address your strategic and operational concerns around cybersecurity.

Project Life Cycle


Many organizations need expert guidance in orchestrating the security they need to stop insider threats and data breaches. We will help you:

  • Define business requirements and de-limit project scope

  • Collect relevant data to be used in policy design and QA testing

  • Understand the steps for optimal implementation, evaluation and tuning of your security solutions

Pre-Implementation Consulting


We work with you and draw from our engineering best practices to design your data security program according to your specific use case and needs. We will:

  • Create an architecture and design diagram of L7 solutions within your IT environment

  • Tailor a pre-installation checklist and flowchart for your implementation or upgrade

  • Complete expert knowledge transfer for policy and user creation

Post-Implementation Consulting


After your data security program is in place, we work with you to ensure that relevant systems are optimized for the target environment and that your hardware can handle your network traffic volumes. We will help you:

  • Validate that your deployment is aligned with engineering best practices

  • Optimize your monitoring of secure traffic so that you can deploy SSL decryption with confidence — without slowing down your business

  • Configure your Web reporting and SIEM Integration

  • Address common security issues and topics

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