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L7 Networks, Inc. was founded in 2002 by a group of talented IT experts and three investing corporations, including D-Link, ZyXEL, and Advantech. These three corporations have been dedicated themselves to layer-2 to layer-4 data communication and telecommunication fields for decades. Our current mission is to focus on the fields of layer-7 content network security. L7 Networks is to be the best software solution provider by delivering innovative and scalable network security solutions.


Secure Networks Above Layer-7

L7 Networks makes the highest performing content filtering solutions in the world since 2002. From layer-7 application control / optimization, layer-8 content filtering / recording, layer-9 data loss prevention, layer-10 SSL content filtering / recording, to rock-solid integration of all the above technologies into its Cloud Generation Firewall, L7 provides unmatched value, depth of features, and industry-leading transaction rates to its customers.

The world is taking notice. Today L7 products are deployed in four out of the world's top ten banks and in three of the top telecommunications companies. And, we're proud to serve some of the most innovative entrepreneurial companies as well as many of the largest, leading enterprises and service providers. Our client roster includes innovative and successful companies such as Amway and PWC.

To serve our large and growing global customer base, L7's team of proven, experienced professionals now occupy R&D facilities in both San Francisco and Taipei, and maintain a worldwide presence with direct sales offices, partners and re-sellers in the United States, China, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. 

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